The D.O. Toro winery completes the installation of a renewable energy system with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint and improvingthe thermal insulationof the barriques cellar.

Quinta de la Quietud   achieved in 2002 an ecological certification that defends in each vintage of its D.O. Toro wines. Now, the winery makes one step further towards its ideal environmental project with an ambitious    process that includes the construction of a semi-buried barrel cellar with naturally regulated thermal  conditions and the  installation of 77 photovoltaic plates  on  its  roof.

“This new element will help us to take advantage forenergy purposes of the sun that contributes so much to the personality of our wines”, explainsJuan Carlos Rodríguez, general manager of Quinta de la Quietud. “Toro has up to 3000 effective hours of sunshine per year,and we estimate  that the new solar panels will save more than 50% of current energy consumption.”

The environmental factor
Jean-François Hébrard, head winemaker of Quinta de la Quietud, defends that this is a more ecologist than ecological project. A philosophy that extends to each department of the winery and each production process, from the application of plants and minerals infusions for the protection of vineyards against pests or the working with horse for vineyards labors, to the use of recycled material for labels and packaging, or the use of natural cork extracted by hand from protected cork oaks in the Sierra de Espadán natural park.  The viticulture of Quinta de la Quietud respects above all the natural balances and times of wine to preserve the essence and character of the Tinta de Toro, always with the utmost care for the environment. “The installation of solar panels is another step towards our ideal of environmental project, reaffirms our philosophy of producing wine with the greatest respect for biodiversity and helps us to value the organic wine of Toro of the highest quality”, highlights Hébrard.