Quinta de la Quietud is located in Toro, a mere two kilometres south of the left bank of the River Duero .
The Quinta de la Quietud vines grow at an altitude between 665 and 700 metres.

Quinta: m. Part of a pasture or land.
The place where everything happens.

Quietud: (lit. Stillness: calm, repose, rest). .
The term that so aptly defines the environment where our vines grow, and where we create our wines.


A continental, extreme climate, with moderate influence from the Atlantic, a dry region with low annual rainfall (between 350 to 400 mm), temperatures ranging from –11ºC to +37ºC, and up to 3000 hours of sunlight each year.
This climate of contrasts provides exceptional conditions for the cultivation of the vine.


The rocky native land with pebbles on the surface plays an important role.
The light, sandy and extremely deep soils are fascinating.
It is truly a land of contrasts; poor, dry and hot soils on the surface; infinite and cool in their depth.


Viti-viniculture: art or technique of cultivating vines and making wine. 
Organic: actively defending natural balance and bio-diversity.

Our concept of viticulture is more ecologist than ecological, attending to the natural balances of our environment. Accompanying the plant in its natural development and caring for the biodiversity, instead of artificially fighting the elements, which can generate imbalances.
To do so, we use horses for the labour required in winter and spring.
Throughout the year we apply plant infusions.
And as such, we have an organic cultivation.

Our concept of viniculture is a prolongation of our viticulture. Accompanying the grapes in their process of metamorphosis and transformation to a wine that faithfully reflects our values.
We therefore believe in spontaneous fermentation, without adding sulphates.
As such we respect the natural balance and times of the wine.
We therefore produce organic wine.


26 hectares of our own vineyard; exclusively goblet-trained and dry-farmed.
97% red, exclusively from theof Tinta de Toro variety,
3% white, with the major presence of Malvasíia.

The estate produced its first wines in 1999, however, it was a team of true wine lovers who were able to sense this potential; who envisioned and then created Quinta de la Quietud.
This dream is made reality every year with the passion and exquisite care of a team led by Eusebio Sacristán, and combined with the experience of a oenologist from Bordeaux and the enthusiasm of the Toro team.