The D.O. Toro organic wine cellar presents its first natural wine, a red wine without added sulphites, without oak, without atrezzo, but with all the arguments to convince those who dare with a Tinta de Toro in its purest version.

Two decades devoted to organic viticulture in D.O. Toro endorse the launch of In Quietud by Nature, the first natural wine from the Quinta de la Quietud.

During the elaboration process, the winemaker Jean-François Hébrard, reduced its “ingredients” to a minimum: only Tinta de Toro grapes from our estate vineyards. “In Quietud is a Tinta de Toro in its purest version,” he explains. “It is a natural wine in its essence: because it naturally ferments in an open tank, because it is aged without oak, because it fines through filters made with vine shoots, because no sulfites or other additives are added. It is a Toro wine without artifice”.

Made with grapes from vineyards planted between 2000 and 2004, In Quietud by Nature shares with the other Quinta de la Quietud wines its organic cultivation in bush vine, rainfed and worked with horse. It does fifteen days of pre-maceration, with two daily pump-overs and a final délestage. It naturally ferments for six months in open tanks, entrusting its stabilization to the cold Toro winter, which gives it character. The result is a very deep, powerful purple wine that offers aroma of black fruits, balsamic and liquorice notes with a mineral background.

Jean-François Hébrard’s statement for this new Quinta de la Quietud proposal: “A Tinta de Toro with everything you need to have and nothing else”.

Ecological even on its label
Quinta de la Quietud continues to defend the commitment to biodiversity that earned it the ecological certificate in 2002. In its first natural wine it goes one step further by applying recycled paper labels, inkless capsules and packaging in recycled cardboard boxes. Like the other wines in the winery, In Quietudby Natureuses 100% natural cork from the Sierra de Espadan Natural Park, a sustainable solution with absolute respect for the environment.

In Quietud by Nature is “the fifth of Quietud”, and it already shares a portfolio with the other three 100% Tinta de Toro references from the winery (Corral de Campanas, Quinta Quietud and La Mula de la Quietud) and with the vin de paille sweet white La Dulce Quietud.