Two decades of loyality

Quinta de la Quietud was established in 1999, product of a dream. The dream of creating wines with individual character; authentic and committed . In 2019 theywe celebrated two decades of evolution, continually developing the finer details, yet invariable in their our principles, ever loyal to their our philosophy.

Organic viniculture

Our concept of viniculture is a prolongation of our viticulture. Accompanying the grapes in their process of metamorphosis and transformation to a wine that faithfully reflects our values.
We therefore believe in spontaneous fermentation, without adding sulphates.
As such we respect the natural balance and times of the wine.
We therefore produce organic wine.


Natural in its essence.

Made exclusively with our organic grapes without added sulphites, without oak or any other additive.
A wine without atrezzo.

Botella In Quietud By Nature

Quinta de la Quietud in its DNA.

Made exclusively with Tinta de Toro from our own bush vines, rainfed, farmed with horse and organic certified since 2002.
A wine with deep roots.
IN QUIETUD is the fifth of Quinta de la Quietud, the most bold and casual of the family.
No added sulphites. No oak.
No complexes.


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