La dulce quietud. Quinta de la Quietud.

La Dulce Quietud

The seduction.
A charming sweet white.


Combination of five varieties, with the significant presence of Malvasía and just the right touch of Albillo, Moscatel, Palomino and Verdejo.
Vines planted between 1920 and 1988.


After harvesting, the grapes are spread out in cane trays and left to dry out until New Year. The grapes are stored in the open air, protected by a roof cover and nets to prevent interference from birds and insects.
The dried grapes are then slowly and gently pressed (for up to 48 hours). The juice is poured into French aged-oak barrels. Alcoholic fermentation is prolonged for up to 10 months.


Over 36 months in the ancient 225-litre French oak barrels. Each bottle contains an assemblage of wines from five different vintages.


Visually attractive (an intense golden colour) and aromatic (ripe white fruits, with a touch of citrus, honey and dried herbs), flavoursome and very sweet in the mouth, and lingering in the palate.
A great and extremely seductive sweet wine for gourmets.